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Ray60 Update - ibyk2 - 12-05-16 11:50 AM

I updated my c127 and connected ray60 to V17.46. I had removed the application file per the instructions for the ray60 and the mfd appears to have taken the update. The ray60 is now flashing quickly and says Boot Strap: V101 on the screen. I am unable to power off the vhf via the radio's power button. I have attempted to reflash the vhf however the mfd now does not recognize it as a connected device. Any help or direction would be appreciated. Thanks,

RE: Ray60 Update - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 12-15-16 03:50 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum ibyk2,

After installing the bootloader, did you then remove the bootloader ISO file from the microSD memory card, replace it with the application ISO file, and then update the radio's application software?

RE: Ray60 Update - ibyk2 - 12-27-16 02:38 PM

I ended up speaking with Winston Savage on your end and after several attempts to re-flash the unit under his direction we ended up sending the unit to NH for your techs to do their thing. It's back and working great (thanks) I did, however, forget to send the 2nd station at the time; it just didn't cross my mind. Apparently the Ray60 with the updated software wont speak to the raymic with the old software (that I did not ship up to you).

I've downloaded the updated Ray60 software and have been able to get the raymic in programming mode; the challenge has been that the MFD is not recognizing an update from the download when the msd is inserted, it just continues to say "no update found".

I'm certain I'm missing a step or need to re-flash the Ray60 to start the process over from the begining with the bootcode then the application file.

I appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks,

RE: Ray60 Update - ibyk2 - 12-27-16 05:56 PM

Well, after several failed attempts at updating the ray60 2nd station the application software took and all is well. I'm certain it was user error and something about my wifi and how I downloaded and copied the files.


RE: Ray60 Update - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 12-28-16 09:25 AM


I'm glad to learn that you were successful. The most common causes for the reported issue would have been one of the following:
- the system features a relatively large SeaTalkng network ... in large networks, should software installation issues occur, then it is recommended that the SeaTalkng network be reduced to the MFD and the device being updated.
- incorrectly populating the memory card being used to perform the software update ... refer to the product's software update instructions