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Back-from-repair C120 does not recognize/load Navionics charts - skipgundlach - 02-11-17 12:57 PM

I've reviewed (or, at least, attempted to search for the answer) the FAQ and nothing shows regarding turning on the C120 Classic MFD and having no Navionics charts load.

I attempted the one we'd been using first. No result, turned off the MFD, removed and reinserted the chip, repowered, with the same results.

The other Navionics chip I have is for central and south america and I get the same results:

Charts initially are block, large scale. Locating the cursor in a likely place (where our GPS put us, which on the block chart, is nominally correct) and zooming in got nothing other than block diagrams. No depths, and no contour (just blocky looking stuff) or other typical stuff. Radar appears to work, but seems odd (land masses aren't looking right, and we don't pick out individual boats).

Initial power-up shows v4.29; I believe that is the last update, and was installed several years ago via a loaned CF card with the firmware upgrade.

I presume it was recently put through its paces, as this was given a thorough run-through by the team when it went in for a repeat of a button problem. I imagine (PRAY!!) there's some wizardry I need to do/can do (instead of sending it back again) in order to make it run.



RE: Back-from-repair C120 does not recognize/load Navionics charts - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-13-17 04:21 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Skip,

We're sorry to learn of the reported issue with your MFD's memory card reader. The final software update for the C-Series Classic MFDs was v5.16, not v4.20. It is recommended that you review the software history table for this product found on the C-Series Classic MFD Software Update web page to understand the changes included within each software update. In this case it is recommended that you begin with the FAQ found here. The referenced FAQ provided instructions to test the MFD's memory card reader by attempting saving waypoint data from the MFD to a compatible CF memory card. Should the MFD's memory card reader be determined to have suffered a failure based on the troubleshooting steps specified within the referenced FAQ, then it is recommended that Raymarine’s Product Repair Center be contacted to return the MFD to address the reported issue which did not exist prior to having the MFD serviced.