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M132 on Ipad? - rltrbill - 03-31-17 02:10 PM

Can the new M132 (or Flir M100) be viewed wirelessly on an ipad? Just the camera? Like with a IP address.... like if I am running the radar and cart application on my ES128, can I access the camera on my Ipad to view it simultaneously while underway?

RE: M132 on Ipad? - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-31-17 03:25 PM


Presently, should the MFD be interfaced to a compatible IP video camera source, then the Raymarine mobile apps will repeat video from the IP Camera source(s). In the future, software will be available for the new FLIR thermal cameras featuring IP video interfaces. permitting the Raymarine mobile apps to also repeat video from from such sources.

Raymarine does not offer apps to interface directly with TackTick products. However, should the TackTick products be interfaced to you system, then instrument data from the TackTick products, which is in turn viewed on the MFD, may then be viewed via the Raymarine mobile apps.