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IP streaming protocols for Cam200IP - lvlaser - 05-30-17 12:59 PM


We've currently got the camera connected via the web interface, and that does actually work, but I'd like to have my software interface directly with the camera.

The main thing we need is to start recording the video to disk according to an external signal; i.e., we can't depend on an operator to always start and stop recording.

(I'm aware of motion detection starting a recording session, but that won't work for us)

Do you support any industry standards for getting access to the stream?
Either of the following two would work:



Thanks in advance,

RE: IP streaming protocols for Cam200IP - Brian - Raymarine - 05-31-17 03:00 PM


Our IP cameras support H.264 streaming protocol as well as RTSP. It is unclear in your post what you want to use as a "trigger" to start recording, but it sounds like you would need to develop an API for your DVR to accomplish this?

RE: IP streaming protocols for Cam200IP - lvlaser - 05-31-17 03:09 PM

Interesting, thanks for the reply.

It's actually interfaced with a PC, and we're currently viewing the camera feed through Internet Explorer using the activex interface. (not using a DVR)

I haven't found any documentation on the RTSP or H.264 protocols for the Cam200IP, could you point me to where that is? I have complete control over the TCP interface, but I know at least with RTSP that you really need some deep documentation to get a session started.