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Fluid Level Sensors - Maretron or Garmin - headshothills - 09-07-17 11:22 AM

Question for those of you who have added the Maretron TLA100 or Garmin GFL 10..

How did you configure them?? According to each manufacturer, you must use one of their compatible devices to configure the Fluid Level Sensors...

I have not seen 1 post that says a Raymarine device, specifically a MDF, can configure either of these 2, so what are you guys doing to configure them?

Im looking to add these on top of my analog gauges to be able to display the data through the NMEA2000 network to my ES97.

Some of the configuration points that I see as important for configuring are...

Tank Type
Tank Number
Operating Mode
Tank Capacity
Resistive Sender

I dont have a Maretron or a Garmin in my System, just a ES97 and i70s... So what is everyone doing?

RE: Fluid Level Sensors - Maretron or Garmin - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 09-12-17 04:02 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum headshothills,

Raymarine products are not designed to calibrate/configure third party NMEA 2000 sensors ... they simply repeat data from such calibrated/configured third party sensors. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. As indicated within the referenced FAQ, Calibration of third party sensors may require third party hardware and or computer software from the sensor's manufacturer.