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Dragonfly transducer in outboard well - Zoopster - 01-14-18 12:00 AM

Hi. I have a double-ender flat-bottomed sailboat with an outboard well, and am looking at a Dragonfly 7 Pro. In trying to avoid a transducer thru-hull (because thru-hulls are freaky), I'm pondering installing the Dragonfly transducer in the outboard well, flush-mounted on the bottom of the boat. (It would be in the white photoshopped area on the attached image, slightly ahead of the outboard shaft and to the side.)
Do you think this might work, or will I get problems from the outboard?

Thank you in advance for any help. I'd really like to get rid of a thru-hull.

RE: Dragonfly transducer in outboard well - Dave - Raymarine - Moderator - 01-15-18 10:46 AM

Hi Zoopster,

We can only recommend installing transducers according to the installation specifications provided. The Dragonfly transducers are transom-mount transducers and were designed to be installed that way.

That being said, if you install a transducer ahead of a prop you should avoid most interference.

- Dave