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[CA] CP100 and multiple transducers? - stevea - 01-18-18 02:32 PM

I currently have a p66 transducer that is networked to my two e7D MFDs through a HS5 Raynet switch. I would like to upgrade to a CP100 module and a CPT100 transducer. However,I would also like to keep the speed wheel option of my p66 transducer available to my network. I am assuming that the only way to do this is to have two transducers mounted on the boat and to run their cables to the Raynet switch? Is there is another single transducer that will work? Will Raymarine come out with a CPT100 with speed capabilities?
In the course of reading this forum, I understand that I can mount two transducers very close to each other without issues. If this is how I should proceed to keep the speed sensor, how do I have the new CPT100 transducer be the main transducer for the fishfinder mode on the e7Ds? Do I need to change any settings to have the speed sensor information displayed on both of my e7Ds?
Thank you for your answers. Unfortunately, my local marine electronics shop has closed and there are no local resources anymore.
Steve A.

RE: CP100 and multiple transducers? - Dave - Raymarine - Moderator - 01-22-18 09:21 AM

Hi Steve,

1. Yes, to keep speed and add a CP100 you will need both transducers. The CP100 will connect via Raynet, but I am not sure how your P66 is connected to your display.
2. At the time of this post, there isn't a CP100 transducer available with speed and I do not know if one is coming.
3. When you connect your new CP100 into your system, the FishFinder application will recognize more than one transducer and prompt you to select.
4. If you already have the P66 selected as your speed source in your system, you shouldn't have to change settings.

- Dave

RE: CP100 and multiple transducers? - stevea - 01-22-18 01:17 PM

Thank you, I just want to clarify. The current p66 transducer is connected directly to the master 37D. I will move that connection to the Raynet switch and bring in the CPT100 transducer cable to the Raynet switch also. If I understand correctly, I can chose the CPT100 for my fishfinder application and also chose the p66 for my speed source only and no sonar functions.

RE: [CA] CP100 and multiple transducers? - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 01-22-18 03:23 PM


It appears that you have a misunderstanding about how the P66 is presently and may be interfaced to your system. Only devices having an Ethernet communications interface may be interfaced to an Ethernet switch such as the HS5 RayNet Network Switch. The P66 transducer features an analog interface and may only be interfaced to the fishfinder Transducer socket of one of the e7D MFDs. Should a CPT-100 be installed onboard, then it will be interfaced to the Transducer socket of the CP100. The Ethernet Network socket of each MFD and the CP100 would then be interfaced to a powered HS5 RayNet Network Switch via an appropriate length of RayNet (F) to RayNet (F) Cable. When so installed, you may select from 50kHz sonar, 200kHz sonar, CHIRP sonar, or DownVision sonar. Your system will also continue to have access to speed and water temperature data. As the system features only one speed sensing transducer, no source selection need be performed for the Speed data source.

RE: [CA] CP100 and multiple transducers? - stevea - 01-23-18 11:26 AM

That is the clarification that I needed.
Thank You

RE: [CA] CP100 and multiple transducers? - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 01-23-18 11:37 AM

You're welcome.