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[CA] transducers for axiom - shawn - 01-22-18 02:23 PM

i have been doing a lot of research on mfd's and i see that the axiom can support 600 watt sonar which would be fine for the type of fishing i do on lake ontario.i am looking to buy a axiom with part #e70364-01-nag. will these unit's support a 600 watt chirp transducer like #A80036 without using a sonar module?

RE: [CA] transducers for axiom - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 01-22-18 03:53 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Shawn,

Raymarine does not offer 600W CHIRP transducers. Axiom DV MFDs such as the E70364-01-NAG may be interfaced to a A80486 Y-Cable, permitting the Axiom MFD to be interfaced to an a-Series 600W 50kHz/200kHz transducer and to a DownVision Transducer. Doing so will support 600W 50kHz sonar, 600W 200kHz, and DownVision sonar imaging. When so interfaced, high CHIRP (conical) sonar will not be supported by the MFD. When interfaced directly to a DownVision transducer alone (i.e. no Y-Cable), the Axiom DV MFD will support DownVision and high CHIRP (conical) sonar. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing maximum depths for DownVision and high CHIRP (conical) sonar.