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(DG) 300 and st 7001 - enrico - 02-24-18 11:53 AM

the word not pilot appears in the display 7001 we changed the 300 computer and we are wiring it what could be the problem?

RE: (DG) 300 and st 7001 - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-26-18 09:25 AM

Hi enrico

Thank you for your enquiry.

What computer have you replaced the 300 with? 'NO PILOT@ refers to the fact that the control unit can no longer communicate with the Course computer that you have fitted.

Can you check the cabling between the computer and the control unit, are there any loose connections, damaged cables, connections where the conductors are not making good contact?
How have you connected the computer to the control unit?

Check the following link too click here for more information