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[CA] Reloading LightHouse Charts - jgutten60@gmail.com - 04-14-18 05:35 PM

I purchased an Axiom 12 and a 9 in December, 2017. Included with the MFD's were LightHouse Charts and Navionics. Due to a formatting error on the supplied card, the card needed to be reformatted. The reformatting erased all charts. I was able to reload the Navionics charts through my subscription. How can I reload the LightHouse charts?

Jeffrey Guttenberger

RE: [CA] Reloading LightHouse Charts - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-16-18 02:40 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Jeffrey,

The LightHouse Charts stored on a LightHouse chart card are encrypted to the LightHouse_ID.txt file stored on chart card. Should all of the chart card's contents have been copied to a computer prior to formatting the chart card, then these files (to include the LightHouse_ID.txt file would simply be copied back onto the same microSD card. However, should this complete save not have been performed or another microSD memory card be used, then it would be necessary to purchase the LightHouse charts (US East Coast or US West Coast NOAA Vector charts cost $9.99) the LightHouse Charts Store and the download them to a microSD memory card which has been populated with a LightHouse_ID.txt file by any MFD running LightHouse II or LightHouse 3 software. Raymarine's LightHouse Manager computer software is used to download purchased charts from the Charts Store to the aforementioned microSD memory card.