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[CA] Autopilot tracking - George Rigsby - 05-03-18 04:03 PM

When I try to tract hard on the wind on port tack, the autopilot sheers as much as 80 feet to starboard and then tries to return to the course line. Because I’m already hard on the boat never gets back to the line. I have to run the engine to get on tract. Also, when tracking in a cross current, the autopilot will only crab 20 degrees to compensate for the current. If any more is needed, the boat loses ground down stream so that I can’t use tracking in moderate cross currents. What good is it then? What’s it for, high powered motor boats?

RE: [CA] Autopilot tracking - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-14-18 11:16 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum George,

If using Tack to waypoint mode, please note that it is not recommended that this mode be used when sailing hard on the wind, as the pilot is trying to steer to cross track error and not the wind angle. It could also steer the boat up to 30 degrees at the start of track mode to get back onto the track line. – So not practical for sailing hard on the wind.

The suggestion would be to use Vane mode, as it will keep the boat sailing up wind at the desired tack angle and counteract for current.