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[CA11] eS127 chart detail display problem - coitd@mskcc.org - 06-05-18 09:24 AM

I am running a Raymarine es127 hybrid touch MFD system with a master display belowdecks, and a slave display at the helm. Both machines were updated to Lighthouse II software last Fall.

I recently purchased a Lighthouse NOAA vector chart for the Northeast (Order Number: RC-16385-11052) . The master display belowdecks shows the chart in the Very Detailed mode, with options for Simple and Detailed modes.. However, the slave display at the helm shows the chart only in the Simple mode, with no option for Detailed or Very Detailed display.

I need the Very Detailed view on both displays.

Can you help me sort this out?

Thanks very much.

Dan Coit

RE: [CA11] eS127 chart detail display problem - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 06-07-18 09:57 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Dan,

Please generate a Diagnostics...html using the Select Devices feature of your system's Data Master MFD. After doing so, please attach this file to a response to this thread. Please additionally perform a screen capture of the other MFD's screen when displaying the Chart application's Select Chart feature. Please attach the resulting PNG file (saved to a microSD memory card within the MFD's reader) to the aforementioned response to this thread.