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[DG11] ST60 WIND INSTRUMENT FAULTS ON SAILBOAT - Skylark - 06-06-18 07:15 AM

I recently had a new Raymarine anenometer and mast cable fitted by a Raymarine engineer in Turkey as previous readings were becoming unreliable. Since then the following faults are present, which the engineer, and another at a different location, have been unable to solve. (I’m not convinced either engineer fully understood apparent wind speed, one of them admitted as much).
When in Apparent wind mode the correct wind direction is displayed but the speed overestimated, by approximately 5kn. When in True wind mode the speed is even more overstated by maybe 8-10kn. The wind direction shown is the same as in Apparent mode.
I often use Wind Vane mode when sailing and the boat steers true to this. However the wind direction shown on the ST6002 Autopilot is approximately 170 degrees out, and the Autotack function won’t work.
The instruments are connected via a Smartpilot which was checked as functioning properly by the engineer.
I have recalibrated the compass and the wind speed readings.
Any ideas welcomed as to a solution to wind display issues!

RE: [DG11] ST60 WIND INSTRUMENT FAULTS ON SAILBOAT - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 06-06-18 08:53 AM

Hi Skylark
Thank you for your enquiry below.

You don't mention it, but is the new windvane a different design to the earlier version?

The earlier masthead units had a different design to the current versions, the difference is described here , you will note that the newer masthead units have hemispherical cups which rotate about 30% faster and so the wind speed calibration needs to be adjusted to take this into account.

Regarding the wind angle.
it sounds like the pointer offset adjustment has changed, this means the electronics in the display are transmitting a different angle to that shown by the pointer. Unplug the masthead transducer with the power to the system off. Then power back up and the pointer should go to 12 o'clock position.

If it does not the pointer offset needs to be adjusted, ( note this is NOT to same as the pointer calibration where you align the pointer with the wind direction at the top of the mast), at this point best to contact the local raymarine agent for further assistance.

Finally, if none of the above helps,follow the Windvane test instructions here for more details.



RE: [DG11] ST60 WIND INSTRUMENT FAULTS ON SAILBOAT - Skylark - 06-12-18 10:16 AM


Thank you very much for your prompt reply to my original query. In answer to your question, the wind vane has the hemispherical cups, as did the old one.

I will try unplugging the transducer next time I am at the masthead and see if that test will work.



RE: [DG11] ST60 WIND INSTRUMENT FAULTS ON SAILBOAT - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 06-12-18 11:59 AM

Hi Skylark

Thanks for the feedback.

For the purposes of testing the pointer adjustment, unplug the masthead transducer from the back of the display - rather than climb the mast, then turn the power on and the pointer will then react indicating where it thinks the 12 o'clock position is. If the pointer moves to somewhere other than 12 o'clock, it will need to be adjusted.

regarding the design of the masthead unit, the older variant with a cylinder between the cups and the direction feather would read different to the current version with an 'egg' shaped housing between the cups and the direction feather.


RE: [DG11] ST60 WIND INSTRUMENT FAULTS ON SAILBOAT - Skylark - 06-16-18 08:36 AM

Hi Derek,

Thanks for the tip. I have unplugged the instrument and the pointer is at 150 degrees to starboard, with 3 dashes showing. Is this adjustment I can do myself? (I have the owner's handbooks with me for all my Raymarine instruments). Having had two Raymarine engineers in Turkey look at this without fixing it I am happy to try myself, if it's possible.

The old masthead unit was the same as the new one with the egg-shaped housing.


RE: [DG11] ST60 WIND INSTRUMENT FAULTS ON SAILBOAT - Skylark - 06-17-18 08:52 AM

Hi Derek,

Both the old and replacement masthead units are of the 'egg' shaped housing.

I have unplugged the transducer and turned the power back on; the pointer is at 150 to starboard, which is, I suspect, the approximate discrepancy when sailing in wind vane mode.

Is the adjustment something I can do myself? I have a full set of Raymarine handbooks onboard for all my instruments, but cannot find details of how to do it. Given that two Raymarine agents have been unable to do come up with a solution I would be happy to have a go if you think it possible - and can give me the instructions.

Many thanks for all your feedback so far.


Paddy on s/y Skylark

RE: [DG11] ST60 WIND INSTRUMENT FAULTS ON SAILBOAT - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 06-18-18 06:18 AM

Hi Paddy,
please PM me your email address and I will send the instructions to you.