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[DG] Connect S2000 to es78 - gacoogan - 06-12-18 09:05 PM


I want to connect my S2000 autopilot to my es78 MFD. I assume the right way to do that is with sea talk. Is that a supported configuration and if so, what cables do I need to do that?


RE: [DG] Connect S2000 to es78 - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 06-13-18 10:14 AM

Hi Greg,

If you are referring to the ST2000 Tiller pilot, this can be connected to the AXIOM display through the SeaTalk to STng converter, this link here describes the general process.

The Converter kit E22158 contains most of the cables, you will need one additional cable the A06075 which connects the AXIOM to the Converter spur connection.