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[CA11] Axiom Sidebar with RMK-10 Remote - Tamrow - 07-16-18 06:50 PM

I have a preference for not using the pop-out sidebar that appears when a goto is initiated on my two Axiom 9's (running the latest Lighthouse 3.5 update). I almost exclusively use my RMK-10 remote to control the functions of my Axioms due to their location which is a bit out of reach while I'm sitting at the helm. After the sidebar is visible, I can make it the active pane using the active button on the RMK-10. Once active, I am able to scroll through the data options with no problem but I am unable to access the X that would hide the sidebar (the X next to the word Data at the top right of the sidebar). This means, so far I've had to move out of my helm chair to touch the X on the Axiom screen. My question is, is there some way to hide the sidebar using the RMK-10? If there is not, could you put in a request for a future update that would include the ability to hide the sidebar with the RMK-10. Including an option to default to show sidebar or not show sidebar in the settings would be a good addition as well.
Thank you

RE: [CA11] Axiom Sidebar with RMK-10 Remote - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-17-18 04:23 PM

Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum Tamrow,

As you have suggested, the Sidebar cannot be commanded to be hidden via the RMK. A feature request will be logged to consider features for showing/hiding the Sidebar for inclusion within a future LightHouse 3 software update.

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