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[DG11] Hydraulic drive compatibility - Santosha Too - 08-08-18 03:33 AM

What autopilot system do you recommend for a 14 ton sailboat with an Accu Steer LA 17-12 hydraulic drive unit. My current autopilot is the 300 12v Course Computer with the ST 6000+ control head. I believe the course computer is u/s as I cannot calibrate the system and I have a deviation of 46 degrees! Thanks.

RE: [DG11] Hydraulic drive compatibility - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 08-20-18 05:18 AM

HI Santosha Too

I am not familiar with the Accu Steer unit, however, if the T300 system steered the boat OK, then the hydraulic pump you used with that system is likely a T2? is that correct?

If you had a T2 pump fitted, then an EV1, with ACU400 and p70s control head will be required.