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[CA11] Installing an RS150 GPS Receiver - carlmk - 09-12-18 05:52 AM

Tips for installing RS150 on a screw-in rail mount:

I drilled one part of the slot intended for the cable so it was wide enough that the connector could go through it. This meant I could screw on the lower half of the receiver and AFTER put the connector through the larger [censored] and connect it to the receiver.

Then I used a good stretch white waterproof tape to the tie the upper part of the receiver to the lower half. The screws provided are hard to use because they go in upside down and they are so small. The tape is an easy way to tie the two half’s together. And it is easy to remove for access to the unit.

BTW the RS150 is much better than the internal Axiom receivers even in a not perfect location.

RE: [CA11] Installing an RS150 GPS Receiver - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 09-12-18 09:37 AM

Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum Carl,

Thanks for the success story.