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[CA11] Which Camera to Install - argus - 11-28-18 08:17 AM

I am considering adding cameras to my Sea Ray Sundancer. I currently have installed an Axiom 12 inch and Axiom 7 inch on my helm. I am interested in Raymarine
ClearCruise Augmented Reality and understand that I need to purchase either the CAM210 or the CAM220 cameras. What is the difference between these two cameras.
Which camera should I get and why?

I am also considering purchasing a FLIR M232 thermal camera? Which would be better to have a thermal camera; or should I consider adding both a CAM210/220 and a FLIR M232? Would there significant advantages in having both a thermal camera and IR camera?

RE: [CA11] Which Camera to Install - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 11-28-18 10:08 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum argus,

The CAM210 may be mounted to the topside or underside of a horizontal surface a well as to vertical or sloped surfaces. The CAM210 would typically be used as a deck camera, forward or aft looking camera, or engine room camera. The CAM210 features IR LEDs to permit operation in dark lighting conditions. In contrast, the CAM220 would typically be mounted to a vertical bulkhead or to the underside of a horizontal surface to support daylight operation and/or operation within a illuminated space where the owner is seeking a low profile camera. Most seeking use of the LightHouse 3 ClearCruise Augmented Reality feature will opt for the CAM210.

The M232 is required for those seeking to use the ClearCruise Thermal Camera feature. Thermal cameras bring additional situational awareness (i.e. the ability to see objects which may not be visible to a visible light camera under conditions of low visibility) to vessel operation and would supplement ClearCruise Augmented Reality via the CAM210.

RE: [CA11] Which Camera to Install - argus - 11-29-18 12:17 PM

Thanks Chuck - As always your support and responsiveness is greatly appreciated.

RE: [CA11] Which Camera to Install - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 11-29-18 12:52 PM

You're welcome.