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[CA11] Raymarine UAV app - ray18 - 12-30-18 07:43 AM

I have been looking all over youtube and Raymarine website for using Raymarine UAV app but could not find any, so posting my experience to help others.

I was looking for instructional videos specifically about (1) how to create the UAV app? (2) how to register the drone and pair with my Axiom MFD? (3) how to control the drone with my Axiom MFD? (4) how to record the Axiom MFD screen that shows the chart and drone live view using Rayview app? (5) do I have to re-register my drone after LH software update? (6) how big a battery do I need to power Axiom MFD to fly a drone and my 3d fishfinder transducer RV100?

Here is a link to my own user videos on Raymarine UAV experience to help others looking for similar instructional videos -


RE: [CA11] Raymarine UAV app - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 12-31-18 11:29 AM