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[DG]Upgrading network questions - larso164 - 01-09-19 04:55 AM

I’ve bought an AIS650 and an AIS100 and plan to extend the network in accordance with the attached scheme. I'd be grateful for some help.

1. Am I thinking right?
2. Will the E70196 (Raymarine STNG to NMEA0183 VHF Converter kit) work with my VHF Ray54E? (The Ray54E seem to be identical to 49E that's said to work.)
3. Will depth-data from ST40 be visible on the STNG network? (I plan to install a wifi antenna on the stng network)

I could save some money by connecting the AIS650 to the A50 with NMEA0183, but upgrading to stng now makes it easier to later connect an Axiom mfd and possibly also an nmea2000 vp-engine-monitor.

Any thoughts on my sheme are appreciated.

Best regards
Lars Olsson
Billdal, Sweden

RE: [DG]Upgrading network questions - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 01-09-19 09:04 AM

Hi Lars,
Thank you for your enquiry

As you have indicated in your diagram, you have an STng network comprising the A50, AIS650, AIS100 and you have a SeaTalk network comprising the SPX-5, ST6002+, the S10o and the ST40 depth.

These two networks can only be joined through an E22158 SeaTalk to STng converter, which should be at the position shown on your diagram by the A06064.

The E70196 can be used to output NMEA0183 position information from STng to the RAY54E

You currently show the A50 connected via STng to the SPX-5, this is OK, but the SPX-5 cannot convert between STng and SeaTalk, so I recommend it better to use the SPX-5 on SeaTalk and connect it though the E22158 converter.

Note that by using the converter all data in STng will be available on SeaTalk and vice versa.

RE: [DG]Upgrading network questions - larso164 - 01-09-19 10:55 AM

Thank you very much!

RE: [DG]Upgrading network questions - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 01-10-19 01:16 PM

Hi Larso164

Further to my previous response, I have made a mistake in the STng part of the network, the AIS650 will not in fact communicate with the A50D via STng.

So whilst We would recommend the SPX-5, ST6002+, S100 and the ST40 should all connect via SeaTalk and then this SeaTalk network should connect to the A50D via the SeaTalk to STng converter - E22158; the AIS650 should be connected to the A50D via NMEA0183 - which will be selected to the higher 38400 baud rate. The AIS650 also has a built in multiplexer and can output NMEA0183 at the lower 4800 baud rate that is necessary to output position information to the vhf radio.
This link click here explains further.

sorry for the confusion


RE: [DG]Upgrading network questions - larso164 - 01-14-19 11:05 AM

Good, that saved me a lot of headache for sure :-)

However the SPX-5 has four connections, one STng, two ST and one nmea and the ST and nmea are bridged (not multiplexed?). I have had the A50 and SPX-5 connected together via STng for six years and it works perfect. I can even control some functions on the SPX-5 via the A50 (but I turned that feature off). So from my point of view there's currently no need for the E22158 (but I might change my mind).

On the other hand, reading the manual a little more careful I've come to consider that it might (or might not) be an advantage to connect the A50 to the SPX-5 via the NMEA0183 connectors instead. See the attachments.

However, everything works just perfect today and all I want is the AIS650 to be included and now I know that it's done with the easiest alternative, two nmea-cables.

Thanks again

RE: [DG]Upgrading network questions - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 01-14-19 12:21 PM

Hi Larso,

The SeaTalk and the NMEA are bridged, although only basic info is bridged, no calculated data is passed through. However, STng is not bridged other than Autopilot information.

The NMEA route is the best way to go

RE: [DG]Upgrading network questions - larso164 - 01-18-19 04:52 AM

Hi Derek and thank you for your replies

RE: [DG]Upgrading network questions - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 01-18-19 07:26 AM

Hi Larso164
you're welcome