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[CA11] Airmar transducer/e97 issue - marinemarkwenn - 01-17-19 11:56 PM

The Airmar P319 Transducer ceased working on our Zodiac 753. We are using an e97 as master MFD and an e95 slave display.
A new transducer P319 was purchased and wired in temporarily to ensure function prior to mounting it.
We have checked all cables for continuity and tried to run diagnostics but get the following error:
"The following devices are preventing data source selection: ISO(05 6c 7a e7 00 8c 8c c0) CAN(43)"
We have the following devices connected as well:
4kW 18" HD Color Radome (SeaTalkHS)
Raymarine i70 Display (STng)
Raymarine RS-150 (STng)
Raymarine AIS650 (STng)
as well as the e95 slave MFD

The cabling from the MFD is as follows: from the rear of the e97, Airmar E66066 connected to a MM-Ray 33-624-01 (Airmar Transducer Cable # C47...CC1225 ROHS 11/17) then to the cable that is hardwired to the transducer.

We are not receiving any transducer/depth information, we have gone into the "Fishfinder" settings and selected the correct transducer but still no luyck...please help!
The software version running on the e97 is v17.46-00404

RE: Airmar transducer/e97 issue - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 01-18-19 11:38 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Mark,

Unfortunately, some third party devices and older Raymarine products having a SeaTalkng communications interface may cause the reported symptom. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. As noted within the referenced FAQ, this feature need not be exercised within a system which features only one source of data (ex. depth, GPS, wind, etc.). In systems featuring fishfinder sonar, the ping may be disabled to permit depth from other networked devices to used by the system. Sometimes the reported symptom may be overcome reattempting the data source selection. Please note that this symptom has been occasionally reported and observed when an AIS650 has been interfaced to the system. Should the offending device be unplugged from the system (possibly the AIS650), then the Data Sources feature may be capable of being exercised.

Please additionally note that the e97 is operating with older software and it recommended that it be updated with LightHouse II v19.03 software.

RE: [CA11] Airmar transducer/e97 issue - marinemarkwenn - 01-19-19 11:38 PM

Thank you for the response. We have since updated the MFD software. Still having the same error so we will try unplugging the AIS650 to see if the transducer can be selected.

Next will be replacing the P319 Transducer.

RE: [CA11] Airmar transducer/e97 issue - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 01-20-19 08:11 AM

You're welcome.

RE: [CA11] Airmar transducer/e97 issue - marinemarkwenn - 01-21-19 07:44 PM

After unplugging the offending device (AIS650) we were able to select a data source for depth; in this case it is the e97 itself.
When we try to set up the transducer from the "Fishfinder" menu the error is "Selected sounder unavailable. Still no depth information...

So we went to our other vessel that has a very similar setup, the difference is that the Airmar transducer is wired directly to the e97 without cable adapters.

It looks like someone has purchased an Airmar Transducer with the incorrect 5 pin male adapter cable, which should have been a MM-RAYA cable (Raymarine A- Series) adapter cable.

Thank you for your time, this was a very good way to get technical assistance.

RE: [CA11] Airmar transducer/e97 issue - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 01-22-19 08:55 AM

Your welcome and thanks for providing the additional information that an incorrect third party adapter had been used with the transducer.