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[CA11] Any Alternatives for G120 Display? - Greg_E - 01-19-19 04:25 PM

The G120 display is is about .8" taller than the C120 MDF that is currently mounted in the console. I can't go any larger in the height dimension which is 10.4" for the C120. I do have room to go wider. Are there any other options for a MFD that will fit in my console, connect to the GPM400 processor, and can be controlled with the remote keypad?

RE: [CA11] Any Alternatives for G120 Display? - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 01-22-19 11:30 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Greg,

The GPM400 is essentially a MFD with regard to its function. It is dependent on a monitor supporting the screen resolutions supported by the GPM400 to display video. While E-Series Widescreen MFDs could have been included within an Ethernet network which included a GPM400 running v4.65/v4.66 software, no MFD was designed function as a video monitor for a GPM400. It should further be noted that Raymarine can no longer service or provide parts for the GPM400 and its keyboards. Accordingly, it would be recommended that one proceed with caution if considering an investment in this long ago retired product. That said, a we would typically recommend that an Axiom or Axiom XL MFD be considered as an alternative to the GPM400.

The Axiom XL 16 MFD is 9.85" in height by 15.63" in width. The Axiom 12 MFD is 8.89" in height by 12.7" in width.
Each of these above listed MFDs is designed for use with the RMK-10 Remote Keypad.