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[CA11] Choosing the correct MFD - century 3200 - 02-11-19 03:18 PM

Hello, OK here it is, I am very confused on product selection, I have a 32' center console powered by twin Yamaha's, I have a pair of C120's and am wanting to upgrade to axiom 12 and a new autopilot, one of my C120's tanked on me so am using the other for dedicated radar, what I want in my axiom is 3D real vision, Fish finder, down and side scan, Gps, with charts pre-loaded, and later to add a new radar so compatible for that also, my hull is at 20 degree angle in back so I have been told I need RV 220 pair transducers, is there a single part number that will tell me the Axion I need? Thanks

RE: [CA11] Choosing the correct MFD - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-11-19 05:00 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum century 3200,

Does the vessel feature a hard top and/or an operational GPS sensor? Are you seeking one Axiom MFD or a pair of Axiom MFDs. Finally, would you prefer a MFD(s) having a touchscreen-only interface or a HybridTouch interface. Please click here to view a FAQ providing additional information on this subject.