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[DG11] Disconnecting Old Raytheon 100 ACU - svbloom - 03-11-19 03:50 PM

We are trying to disconnect our old Raytheon 100 ACU to install our new EVO-400. We cannot figure out how to disconnect the power cables (blue, brown, black red) in photo. They seem to be locked within the grey box/receptacle. We read through the original manual, but it doesn't specify this. Any advice? Photo attached for reference.

RE: [DG11] Disconnecting Old Raytheon 100 ACU - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-12-19 09:07 AM

Hi SVBloom
Thank you for your enquiry.

The 4 large cables, can be extracted from the large grey connector by inserting a screwdriver vertically down into the top surface of the grey block and pressing down firmly onto the actuator of the copper 'Jaws' which secure the cable in place.

If you look at your picture, you can see the shiny copper top of the 'jaws' which need to be pressed down, towards the PCB to release the cable.