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[DG11] Ping rate for axiom 12 - Gianluca1961 - 03-13-19 10:31 AM

Hi, sorry for my english. I have an axiom 12 with cp470 and bh265 transducer. You say to set ping rate to auto but i can set only 1 to 100 rate or disable ping. Why? thanks

RE: [DG11] Ping rate for axiom 12 - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-15-19 09:44 AM

Hi Gianluca

Thank you for your enquiry.

we advise to set the ping rate to maximum, there is no AUTO function in the current software simply because by setting the PING rate to maximum, the AXIOM will automatically alter the ping rate in deeper water - to slow it down to suit the conditions to give a good response. The point behind this is that as the boat moves into shallow water, the ping rate will increase to the maximum - which is what you will require in shallow water.