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[CA11] ACU 100 Location - NHsail - 03-20-19 09:05 AM

Hello. I am installing a new wheel pilot on my 34' sailboat. I have a great location for the compass, but I am wondering if the ACU-100 can be installed behind the electrical panel and in close proximity to the VHF, AIS etc., or if it would be better to be installed in another location, such as under the Nav station, further away. I have tons of room behind the panel so that is ideal, but want to make sure I am not going to cause problems with VHF or other interference.

Thank you.

RE: [CA11] ACU 100 Location - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-20-19 09:17 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum NHsail,

It is generally recommended that communications equipment be installed at least three feet from other marine electronics products and machinery / equipment capable for emitting RF noise. Accordingly, it would be recommended that another location for the ACU be located.