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[DG11] multiple Axiom MFD updates - JSLExplores - 03-20-19 04:30 PM

I have two Axiom MFDs ( 9 & 12) If I download the most recent version of Lighthouse to my PC I can move the download to a micro sd. Then I can easily access the micro sd slot for my Axiom 9 but getting to the micro sd slot on my Axiom 12 requires ninja like skill. Is there anyway to update my Axiom 12 using the Axiom 9 or by Bluetooth? I'm in the Bahamas and the wifi service is very slow at anchor. I can take my computer to town where there is better wifi and download the latest lighthouse version there. But, I still need to figure a way to get the latest version in both MFDs.

RE: [DG11] multiple Axiom MFD updates - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-25-19 07:33 AM

Hi JSLExplores

Thank you for your enquiry.

Provided that the two AXIOM are connected via RayNet, then once you have updated the software in the master display, you can then update the software in the repeater display through the RayNet connection. Further information can be found here.