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[DG11] Ray260e SeatalkNG Connection - Onyx - 04-01-19 10:51 AM


I want to use the SeatalkNG connection of my Ray260e. I let the dealer update the software to version 2.04 but the connection menu entry is not available on the Ray 260 menu.

Any ideas why?


RE: [DG11] Ray260e SeatalkNG Connection - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-02-19 06:15 AM

Hi Onyx,

I believe that you telephoned Raymarine this morning to discuss?

We advised that there should have been an update to both the application software, also to the EEPROM as well – the EEPROM needed to have been reflashed as well, if it was not, then this is likely the reason the STng option in the menu was not available.

The base station will either need to be returned to the service dealer again or you could send it direct to our service workshop here in the UK and we can reflash the EEPROM for you