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[CA11] viewing my ais data - kirbywatson - 04-07-19 03:28 PM

is there a way to view my own vessel's ais data? i am trying to determine if it is transmitting properly. i have checked for the (supposedly) programmed data online and have not been able to find my vessel. i have an fcc issued mmsi and it was programmed by Raymarine.

i dont want to use the proais2 software unless i have too. i think i am missing something pretty basic here. just need some direction.


RE: [CA11] viewing my ais data - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-09-19 12:57 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Kirby,

Q. Is there a way to view my own vessel's ais data?
A. The first step in such verification would be to examine the AIS transceiver status LED (consult the product's installation guide) to verify that the AIS transceiver has acquired a GPS position FIX and is not in currently in Silent Mode. Raymarine's products are not designed to plot / display ownship AIS target / data. The most reliable means of checking ownship AIS transmissions would be to contact another nearby vessel which is capable of monitoring AIS traffic. MarineTraffic.com may also be used for such purposes, but cannot be solely relied upon.