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[DG11] ST2000+ - tomashag - 04-12-19 03:23 AM

I have an old ST2000+ (10-15 years) that have started to oscillate left/right, not much but clearly visible. It can do so for some time, maybe an hour or so then it stops and the course is stable. Is it due to old age or can I do something? Also I have some problem with overshoot, also not always. When I change course 10 degrees it sometimes has a large overshoot but it can also change course smoothly. I have rudder sensitivity set to 5 and rudder attenuation to 1, which settings I have used all years.

RE: [DG11] ST2000+ - Louise - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-16-19 10:24 AM

Dear tomashag,

Thank you for your query.

Due to the age of the tiller pilot, I highly recommend booking it in for a test and repair/ service. You can book this easily online through our website here.

Many Thanks