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[LW11] WiFish Network Issue ? - Des - 04-12-19 02:53 PM

Need some advice about solving a Wifi pairing issue. I tried connecting my WiFish to 3 different mobile devices, but the SSID doesn´t appear in any of the mobile devices wifi network lists. Checked all connections/Power etc, and everything looks solid.

I power up the Wifish, and the RED led lights up, then turns GREEN. The Wifi led starts flashing BLUE, continuously, but the SSID isn´t detected by the mobile device wifi network. I tried manually adding a new wifi network, with the SSID and passphrase, but still no success. Anyway of testing the Wifish to see if it is transmitting and isn´t faulty?

Anything i can check, before sending it back ?

RE: [LW11] WiFish Network Issue ? - Louise - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-16-19 10:26 AM

Dear Des,

Thank you for your query.

There is nothing else you can do, please book it in for testing via our website here.

Many Thanks