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[CA11] GA150 with Axiom Pro - charlestai - 04-15-19 10:38 AM

I am connecting a GA150 GPS antenna with a pair of Axiom Pro 12 MFD. There is no reception for the GA150. In the Network setup screen, the GPS source will identify both internal GPS sources from the Axiom Pro but does not see the GA150. If I connect external GPS to NMEA0138 input, the GPS is available. NO GA150. Doesn't matter which Axiom Pro I cannot the GA150 to, it does not work (the GA150 Axiom Pro is set as master). Any suggestions? Thank you.

RE: [CA11] GA150 with Axiom Pro - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-17-19 04:03 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum charlestai,

Unlike a Raystar 150 GPS sensor (combines GPS antenna and receiver into a single product), the GA150 GPS antenna is simply a GPS antenna which is designed to deliver GPS signal to the internal GPS receiver of the MFD which it has been interfaced to. Accordingly, in system's featuring a GA150 GPS antenna, the internal GPS receiver of the MFD to which it has been interfaced would typically be chosen as the system's source for GPS, GPS Datum, and Date/Time.