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[CA11] Do I havean Axiom Pro RVX or S Series in my boat - Lostriver - 05-06-19 08:35 PM

I ordered a new Axiom Pro RVX. The receipt I received shows that the vendor sent me the Axiom Pro RVX.

When I went to enter the info in the Raymarine Rewards Rebate website, it told me that the UPC code was not valid for the product that I had entered.

I then noticed my label has part # E70372-00-NAG which I believe signifies the Axiom Pro RVX. Below that though, the labeling describes this product as the Axiom Pro S model.

What is the easiest way for me to figure out if I was shipped the RXV or the S model? Will my screen show this info when powered up?

Also, why am I getting an error that the UPC code is not valid for my rebate?

I attached a picture of the label.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

RE: [CA11] Do I havean Axiom Pro RVX or S Series in my boat - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-09-19 10:10 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Lostriver,

When registering the product, the UPC code is not among the requested data items. Instead, the part number (E70372-00-NAG) and serial number (1270446) (both found on the UPC label, the label affixed to the case of the MFD, and when displaying the Getting Started tab of the MFD's Settings dialog) should be entered within the product registration web page. I can without question state that this is the part # for an AXIOM PRO 12 RVX w/NAG - Axiom Pro 12" MFD with RealVision 3D and 1kW CHIRP and Navionics NAV+ North America Chart. If you inspect the label affixed to the MFD and/or the MFD's Settings (HOME->SETTINGS->GETTING STARTED), you may verify that this is so.

Please let me know your findings. I will report the mis-match in the MFD package's UPC label.