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[CA11] Lighthouse 3 NMEA sentence description - Tim.chapman@outlook.com - 05-16-19 07:59 AM

On my es98 running Lighthouse 3.9.46 the function to filter the NMEA sentences that are broadcast has an entry for the sentence VLW. This sentence is given the description ‘Dual ground/water distance’. As this sentence actually outputs the distance through the water log reading from the transducer and the trip since last reset. My suggestion is that the description is renamed to reflect that it only outputs water distance, not ground distance.
The ideal for my purposes is that the Ground log, (as measured by GPS over the Ground not the transducer through the water), is output in this sentence, then the current description would stand as accurate.

RE: [CA11] Lighthouse 3 NMEA sentence description - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-16-19 09:13 AM

Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum Tim,

Thanks for the product feedback. Your comments have been noted and a feature request will be logged accordingly to consider this feature for inclusion within a future LightHouse 3 software update.

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