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[CA11] Name and Vessel Type Change in AIS700 - morowsky - 05-23-19 09:42 AM

I would like to request that a feature be added to the AIS 700 to allow for a name and vessel type change by the user. I understand the logic of not allowing a change to the MMSI number by other than a licensed FCC technician.

Please note that this is a personal request and should not be construed as an official USCG or USCG Auxiliary request or endorsement.

It is my understanding that at least one other manufacture allows for this type of change.

The reasoning for this request: While under CG Auxiliary orders on our private vessels, we are allowed to have "USCG AUX 999999" as the vessel name and "SAR" as the vessel type in AIS (where 999999 is our assigned Facility Identifier). This would allow for rapid identification of Facilities to boaters and other responders.

When not under orders, we must display our proper vessel name and type.

An option might be to have two new fields added to AIS software, "Secondary Name" and "Secondary Vessel Type". These fields could be populated by properly licensed technician.

A change to the appropriate MFD screens that control the AIS system could be used to toggle between the "primary" name/type and the "secondary" name/type. This could be performed in a manner similar to turning on/off silent mode on the AIS via the MFD.

Note, I have an Axion Pro 9 and an Axiom 9, and all systems are at current software levels.

Thank you

RE: [CA11] Name and Vessel Type Change in AIS700 - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-24-19 12:55 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Steve,

Contrary to what you have stated, the Static Data items (Ship's Name, Call Sign, Vessel Type, and GPS offset distances) may be configured or changed by any operator via the ProAIS2 computer application. MMSI entry and MMSI reset must be performed by an electronics dealer, installer, or FCC licensed technician. That said, having the ability to program/reprogram static data items via the MFD's user interface would be easier for the end users. A corresponding feature request will be logged accordingly.

Please click here more information concerning product and feature suggestions.

RE: [CA11] Name and Vessel Type Change in AIS700 - morowsky - 05-24-19 01:39 PM

Thank you Chuck for submitting the request. Use of a computer to change the static info would not be easy to accommodate.

Thank you again.


RE: [CA11] Name and Vessel Type Change in AIS700 - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-28-19 02:00 PM

You're welcome.