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[TG11] CP 370 and 600w transducer - Madwill - 06-27-19 06:29 AM

Curious as to why you can't use a 600w transducer in a CE certified area, e.g. Australia, and you can in the USA.

Does this combination produce EM field greater than allowable in those countries?

Regards Adam

RE: [TG11] CP 370 and 600w transducer - Tom - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-04-19 12:54 AM

Hello Madwill,

Absolutely right. The combination of CP370 & 600W doesn't pass our emissions tests at CE levels, but does pass the more lenient FCC standards. 1kW-only is supported on CP300 and CP370 in Australia, the EU and related countries.