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[LW11] Triggering a MOB alarm - Radiozephyr - 07-08-19 04:24 PM

I have a Axiom MFD mounted at my nav desk, and I navigate using an iPad which is mounted at the helm. I recently realized that in the event of a man overboard situation, unless I was connected via the mobile app on the iPad, I could not activate the MOB alarm on the Axiom without going down below to the nav desk. I don't usually use the mobile app unless I'm running the radar, so that's not an ideal solution.

I am wondering: apart from holding the MOB icon on the MFD (or a connected app), is there any other way to activate the MOB alarm?

I was thinking it may be possible via the NMEA 2000 network, but the Axiom does not appear to currently support the MOB sentence (PGN 127233).

Any insight would be most appreciated!

RE: [LW11] Triggering a MOB alarm - Louise - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-09-19 07:16 AM

Dear Radiozephyr,

Thank you for your post.

You can only action the MOB feature via the MFD or the RMK10 remote keypad. It may be worth considering fitting one of these at your helm to enable the MOB feature or install another Axiom.

The details of the RMK10 are available here.

Many Thanks

RE: [LW11] Triggering a MOB alarm - Radiozephyr - 07-12-19 10:38 AM

Aww, that stinks. There's absolutely no room at my helm. Even if there were, the RMK-10 doesn't connect to SeaTalkNG cables, so I would have to run a new cable all the way from the MFD.

Please tell the development team there that people want another way to trigger the MOB alarm.

RE: [LW11] Triggering a MOB alarm - Louise - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-17-19 09:15 AM

Dear Radiozephyr,

The RMK10 connects via Raynet only.

I will forward this to the product manager for as a feature request.

Many Thanks

RE: [LW11] Triggering a MOB alarm - Radiozephyr - 07-17-19 01:48 PM

One more question. The Axiom MFD is connected to the radar with a RayNet cable, which uses its only RayNet port. If I were to connect the RMK10 to my current system, would I have to buy the HS5 network switch? Or is there another way to add an additional RayNet port somewhere in the system?

It would really be overkill for me to spend $300 on a powered five port switch just to connect one little remote. Please tell me there's some other way to do this.

RE: [LW11] Triggering a MOB alarm - Louise - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-26-19 07:50 AM

Dear Radiozephyr,

Thank you for the post.

You are correct add the RMK10 to the network and you do not have any spare raynet ports, you will need to fit the HS5 switch to network other raynet products in to the system.

Many Thanks