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Autopilot tacking
07-17-17, 03:44 PM
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RE: Autopilot tacking
[quote='Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator' pid='12167' dateline='1499441631']
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum daknecht

Q1) If your system features an a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFD then please produce a Diagnostics...html file and attach this file to a response to this thread.
I could not find this file on site. Please provide a complete link

Q2) Please confirm that the reported issue is associated with Vane mode Auto Tack and not Auto Turn.

I could find no mention of Auto Turn in any manual I have so I don't know what that is. I am pushing 1 and 10 to Auto Tack.

Q3) Please specify the model and manufacturer of the sailing vessel?

C&C 34+

Q4) How maay turns of the wheel are required from hard over to hard over


Q5) What is the hard over time when operating in auto mode?

has varied from 30 seconds to never completed

Q6) What vessel Hull type is it set to? ... you may want to consider changing it to Sail slow turn. (this would increase the pilot gain)

Not sure what this refers to. It is set to Sail and I have tried Cruise and Performance with no change in tacking behavior. I don't remember seeing "slow turn" as an option anywhere. I just remember seeing sail and catamaran. Will check on Wednesday when on boat.

Q7) What is the source of the Wind data?
Tac Tic masthead through T122 to SeatalkNG

Q8) Is the pilot receiving boat speed
Currently paddle speed is not on network. Only GPS speed.

Please understand that in Vane mode the Auto Tack function will turn the boat through the wind to mirror the wind angle on the opposite tack. There will be some overshoot and then it will trim up to the correct wind angle.

Has worked like this sometimes but usually not.

Related to this: the manual says: "For vessels without a rudder reference transducer — a default of 30 degrees is displayed, and can be changed as required." I don't have a rudder transducer so how does the pilot know how far it can turn the wheel? Also, what does 30 degrees mean? Rudder angle to hull? How do I know what the correct setting is for my boat?
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