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[CA] Display example(s) of HD open array radar interfaced to E-classic MFDs
09-09-19, 01:07 PM
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RE: [CA] Display example(s) of HD open array radar interfaced to E-classic MFDs

Q1. The radar install manual says a number of features won't work with the older plotter, I'm fine with that with the exception of 'No Real Time Heading'. What does that mean? The E-Classic plotters are able to take the pilot heading (S3G pilot currently installed) and rotate the radar image to keep it in sync with the map data. So how will this be different with the newer radar?
A1. Magnum radar pedestals do neither produce or use heading data. Instead, 10Hz heading data, such as that produced by the NMEA 0183 Port 1 Output of the S3G, may be used by the MFD to maximize performance of the MFD's radar overlay feature and to support MARPA features.

Q2. As I understand it, the interface of the new radar will be directly to the HS switch to network radar data to both the Master and Slave plotters. Since I'll be eventually upgrading to Axiom, I'm thinking of installing the standard Raynet version of the radar cable and just adding a short Raynet to Seatalk HS adapter for the HS switch interface, make sense?
A2. I believe that you're on the correct track. Should the system currently include a SeaTalkhs Network Switch, then there would be no reason to replace it with a HS5 RayNet Network Switch unless the SeaTalkhs network switch was no longer operational or was otherwise showing signs of wear (contact corrosion, etc.). Raymarine offers the A80513 RayNet (M) to RJ45 Adaptor Cable to permit a Digital Radar Cable having a RayNet (F) Plug or RayNet (F) to RayNet (F) Cable to be mated to the SeaTalkhs Network Switch. Similarly, should there currently be SeaTalkhs Cables which are in good shape, then they may be adapted with an A80272 RayNet (M) Pins to SThs (M) Socket Adaptor Cable to be mated to the Axiom MFDs.

Q3. With the E-Classic, it provided power for the older analog radar I currently have. Now with the Magnum and the VCM module, power will be independent of the on/off status of the E-classic plotter. Are there any considerations beyond having an independent fuse/breaker for the VCM power interface, ie, if the VCM sees power applied without the plotter being on, will it simply power up in standby and sit dormant, drawing standby power until the plotter is on-line and commands the radar to spin up?
A3. The answer to your last question is yes. The only thing which one should consider when switching off the pedestal power is to command the pedestal into standby before switching off the pedestal power.

Q4. Do you have any other cautions about a configuration of dual E-Classics with a Magnum open array radar?
A4. Negative.
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