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[CA11] Axiom Pro RVX and Transducer Compatability
03-06-19, 08:25 AM (This post was last modified: 03-07-19 02:37 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[CA11] Axiom Pro RVX and Transducer Compatability

I have a question regarding the optimal Raymarine head unit and transducer combination for the type of fishing we do. Just as some background, we are fishing on a Grady White 305 Express, in the New England waters. We fish inshore depths as shallow as 10', and fish the canyons in waters up to about 2,500'. We're not doing any deep dropping, and while it would be interesting to mark fish in 2,500' really its more about marking the bottom there, we don't usually look for fish deeper than 500-600'. We are pursuing all different species with different tactics, and are trying to put together the right jack-of-all-trades system.

The combination we are looking to utilize is an Axiom Pro RVX, the RV-200 Transducer, and a B256LM Chirp Transducer.

Q1 - Will these three pieces of hardware interface successfully without any additional hardware? (Using the RV , and the 1kW ports to plug both in directly to the Axiom)

Q2 - We have heard from some dealers/installers that the B265LM will not work 'in real time' with the Axiom Pro scanning both frequency bands simultaneously. These same folks say using a CP570 would alleviate this latency rendering issue. Is there any truth to this?

Q2a - If the problem is that the Axiom cannot monitor both frequency bands simultaneously successfully, can only one frequency band be viewed at a time to alleviate this?

Q3 - For this setup specifically would there be any benefit to using a CP570, outside from redundancy, for finding fish, bottom, structure etc?

Q4 - We are planning on mounting both transducers on flat spots on the hull, these are slightly outboard of the center line and there may be some shadowing on one side of the RV-200 in side scan mode. Will this have a serious adverse effect on the performance of side scan or real vision?

Thank you in advance!
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