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[LW1] Jetstick, Sea-Star Helm and Type 1 Pump
01-05-20, 01:46 PM (This post was last modified: 01-07-20 10:02 AM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[LW1] Jetstick, Sea-Star Helm and Type 1 Pump
I suspect my pump, but here goes. So the little harbor 40 has a jet stick, a seastar helm, and raymarine autopilot and type 1 pump. When in jetstick mode (and sometimes autopilot), the pump gets a good workout - forward and reverse. Sometimes, but more frequent, when in the jetstick mode (even when just hovering), the pump makes a funny sound (like it's slipping), and the rudder will not 'center' back up. Which gives the boat a hard over to the starboard. Here's the interesting part, even though the seastar is 'locked' if you turn the wheel hard over manually cranking the seastar helm, you can get the pump to 'catch' and the slipping sounds stops and the rudder will return to center, and then the jetstick works again. For a while and then you get the slipping sounds again, and thus repeat, the hard over 'fix.' We have topped off the seastar and purged air by hand cranking the seastar - according to the seastar purge instructions. There is no reservoir connected to the pump. And no one has cracked open the hydraulic lines (this is not a new install), and there is no leakage at the ram or helm area. Sensors have been checked and appear to be in working order, certainly the rudder indicator on the autopilot and helm analog dial is working. So does this sound like a pump issue? I guess I could just order a pump and install and see if this is a fix, but if not, I would just as soon return the pump and look for the problem somewhere else. Any response would be most welcome. Thanks.
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01-17-20, 06:49 AM
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RE: [LW1] Jetstick, Sea-Star Helm and Type 1 Pump
Dear tom-georgia-bell,

Thank you for your post.

Disconnect the pump from the ACU and connect directly to a 12v supply, let the pump drive out fully and then reverse the polarity and allow it to perform the reverse. Did the pump operate smoothly and as expected? Did it make any unexpected noises or appear to be sticking?

If the pump is noisy and not smoothly operating, I advise you to send the pump to Raymarine for testing and service. You can book this in online here.

If the pump is operating as expected and without issue, further investigation into the steering installation will be required.

Many Thanks
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