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CPT 60 Transducer
11-29-17, 09:44 AM
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CPT 60 Transducer
I have a CPT 60 transducer for my Dragonfly 5Pro, using in saltwater. I get lots of growth on the transducer effecting its performance. Is there any special anti foul paint I can use to prvent this? Anyone else have this problem?
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11-29-17, 12:09 PM
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RE: CPT 60 Transducer
Hi BDonovan
Welcometo the Raymarine Forum,

Fouling of transducers varies tremendously from area to area, some areas are prone to heavy weed growth, some areas prone to encrustacions of barnacles and so it is best to check locally to see what is the typical growth and what anti-fouling is used by the majority of other local boat users.

it is possible to use a light coat of anti-foul to a transducer, please refer to the following FAQ for specific advice:

Definitely do NOT use any solvent based anti-foul or coatings including metallic components, which will all damage or interfere with the performance of the transducer.
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