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(DG11) Rudder Pump Oscillations
08-10-18, 02:58 PM
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RE: (DG11) Rudder Pump Oscillations
Hi Derek

Just wanted to follow up with you on this thread. As previously discussed, after selecting 7 on rudder dampening the pump oscillations stopped.
However another issue has come to light which may or may not be related to this thread, which is why I didn't start a new one.

The autopilot appears to function acceptably in AUTO mode when at cruising speed, selecting a different heading by 90 degrees, results in a smooth turn to the new heading with about a 4-5 degree overshoot before returning to the new heading promptly.

However the same is not the case in "TRACK". With a GoTo Waypoint set about 20-30 degrees off the current heading and about 3-4 miles out, the turn seems very aggressive. Not only that, the overshoot is about 20 degrees! The counter overshoot on the correction to this is about 5 degrees.

I've gone through the settings multiple times and tried different responses and performance, only to get the same behavior. It seems like the gain/response is different when trying to correct XTE.

What I can I check next please? I have also created some log files using the eS MFD, which I'd be happy to share with you directly.

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