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(DG11) Rudder Pump Oscillations
08-17-18, 09:54 AM
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RE: (DG11) Rudder Pump Oscillations
Hi PetrelMarine

For the sake of accuracy, could you check the pilot software is as follows . . .

p70 3.07
EV1 3.02
ACU 2.23

The angle adopted by the vessel when you engage track mode is determined by the boat speed and the distance off the track line when track mode is initiated, for example if you are a long way off the track line, then the vessel will turn correspondingly more, then when the vessel is close to the track line. By track line I refer to the virtual line that is created between the start waypoint and the target waypoint, this line is created the moment you initiate TRACK - a virtual start (of track) waypoint is dropped at that point and a track line drawn to the target waypoint, the cross track error is then calculated between the vessel's current position and this virtual track and the vessel then turned by the autopilot towards this virtual track, since the immediate aim of the autopilot is to minimise this cross track error as quickly as possible.

The second point you raise about the difficulty in engaging TRACK is more concerning, it suggests the communications between the pilot and the MFD is not reliable and there is possibly some data corruption on the STng network which is inhibiting correct operation. I suggest that it would be a good idea to get a local dealer onboard to check through the system to see if there are any data issues in the network.
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