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Wind instrument issue and maybe upgrade
06-21-18, 08:34 AM (This post was last modified: 06-27-18 03:57 PM by Tom - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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Wind instrument issue and maybe upgrade
I have a ST 60 wind instrument that is acting up. I have replaced the transducer once and had the instrument in for check a number of times. Only thing left to do is replace the cable.
So if I were to upgrade I believe the I 60 is a direct replacement. instrument cable and transducer.
For a little more I could go with a wireless transducer, remote instrument, and the wireless connectivity gateway. Can I use the old wind instrument as a repeater and leave it on the seatalk bus.?

for the most expensive way is top get a wireless transducer and wireless instrument. I think I would need to connect the wireless instrument to a seatalkng bus and remove the cable from the mast. Can I connect it to a nmea 2000 bus?

Can you tell me if the wireless solution has improved over the years. most reviews are not good on Tacktic equipment. I would be using it on a 40 ft sailboat. 54 ft mast
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06-27-18, 04:07 PM
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RE: Wind instrument issue and maybe upgrade
Hello Topcat,

What's the problem with the ST60? There might be an easier solution than complete replacement.

Yes, i60 is the direct replacement for ST60 Wind, and the parts (masthead windvane, cable, display) are interchangeable so you can replace just the parts you need. You can also connect i60 to other ST60 instruments via a Seatalk1-SeatalkNG convertor or a D244 3-way Seatalk junction block and A06073 Seatalk1-SeatalkNG adaptor cable.

The main problem with wireless wind is signal level. We have made quite significant tune-ups in the performance of the antenna in the Wind Transmitter, around 2 years ago if I remember correctly, but we're limited by the various national radio-spectrum laws around the world as to the power we're allowed to transmit on at that frequency. The lower power level means that wireless works best on smaller boats. You can get longer range by having multiple displays etc. down below because they relay wind data between them (more chances of getting a good signal through), but on a 54' mast with only one or two products at the bottom, I'd go a wired rather than wireless solution.


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