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[CA11] ST60+, seatalk1, seatalk NG, ray55e, A70D and ST2000+
09-26-18, 04:45 AM (This post was last modified: 09-26-18 08:14 AM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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RE: [CA11] ST60+, seatalk1, seatalk NG, ray55e, A70D and ST2000+
HI Chuck, thanks for the quick and informative reply.
According to your advice, I have modified the layout as shown on the attachment.
I have added some new questions

Q1. OK, so probably better to connect the speed transducer direct to the ST60+ Speed instrument, so that I can calibrate it.
Assume system functionality will be the same but I'll just need a longer cable for the speed transducer?

Q2b. If I am reading your reply correctly, my system will be able to use ST2000+ heading as the heading data for GWD calculation, as long as the ST2000+ is connected to its socket (which is wired in to the seatalk 1 bus). Have I understood that correctly?

Q2c. This heading data will be available even when the ST2000+ is not in use. For example, if I do not have the tiller pilot mounted on deck but, say, I put it in a compass suitable location down below but still connected to the socket and in stand-by mode. Is that correct? Does it matter how the ST20000+ is oriented?

Q6. That is, if I connect the A70D on the Seatalk NG converter spur, then it will be connected to the rest of the system ok. Correct?

Q7. OK, then I will avoid the ITC-5 (and remove the transducer pod from the sytem too, as above). All transducers will be connected directly to their dedicated ST60+ instruments and I will be able to calibrate them and set their alarms. Correct?

Q9. I will have depth display on the ST60+ so that is ok for navigation. I suppose I could display depth on the ST60+ Graphic too but it will be right next to the Depth display anyway, so not much benefit.
Would it be possible to display depth data on the A70D if I connect the depth instrument to the seatalk 1 bus (assuming A70D and seatalk 1 bus are both connected to the seatalk 1 to seatalk NG Converter)?

Q10. Just to clarify. I see I have all the inputs for set and drift calculation but is there anything in the system that will automatically do the calculation and display it in real time? For example, can it be displayed on the ST60+ Graphic display?

Q16. OK, I do have the adapter, so I just need to buy a navionics card to put in it?

Q17. Is it possible to connect the ST2000+ to a white or yellow Seatalk NG Spur connection on the converter (using the same wore colour/terminal combinations as for ST1)?

Q18. Is it necessary to buy a preloaded micro SD chart card? Or can I download the charts and copy to card myself?

Q19A. With the equipment on my system, is it possible to install software updates (for any of the ST60+ instruments, A70D, ray55e and/or ST2000+)?

Q19B. Could you please list the latest software version for each item, so I can check my gear when I finally get it powered up?

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