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[CA11] ST60+, seatalk1, seatalk NG, ray55e, A70D and ST2000+
09-28-18, 08:04 AM
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RE: [CA11] ST60+, seatalk1, seatalk NG, ray55e, A70D and ST2000+
HI Chuck,
Thanks very much once again.
Just a few points I’m not quite clear on.

Q1. I am not Grand Prix racing, just cruising and twilight racing mostly.
I’m really only looking at a speed range of about 3 to 6 knots where i’m Interested in a bit of accuracy. Is there a really significant benefit in multi-point calibration over such a small range (considering the cost of an MFID)?

Q2c. If the heading data from the ST2000+ is not as good as data from a dedicated heading sensor, could you please suggest some suitable (preferably low cost) heading sensor options that would work with my system?
Looks like I would need another ST NG or ST 1 spot to connect it to. I think another ST1 to STNG converter might be best.

Q2d. If I decide to stay with using the ST2000+ For heading data (down below option as described previously), I would make sure it s firmly held in position but does the orientation of the ST2000+ matter? That is would it have to be placed across the boat in a similar orientation as if it was on the tiller?

Q10. Are the ST60+ Graphic or A70D capable of displaying set and drift data? In the manuals, it doesn’t look like it for the graphic but it’s not clear about the A70D.

I hope to get all this up and running in the next few weeks and will report back on how it goes.

Gotta say again, it’s great how Raymarine have made sure their old gear is compatible with the new so that people can get cost effective upgrades and functionality without spending too much. Apple could learn a thing or two...just sayin’.
It’s also great that you provide expert advice to support these old products, many companies do not bother.
I’ve always been on boats with B&G or Ockam before but I’m becoming a big Raymarine fan.

Thanks Again,
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