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42' sailing cat new system
05-02-16, 04:52 PM
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42' sailing cat new system
I am finishing my 42' F-41 and am determining what I need in the way of instrumentation. I have purchased a Es97 which I intend on placing at the starboard (primary) helm. I wish to display speed, depth and wind data at both the port and starboard helms and will add an autopilot and radar to the boat prior to launch.

I am wondering what the most straight forward way is to provide the desired data displays at both helms.

I have on order a P319/ A80171 sonar transducer which will plug into the starboard helms Es97. Is the best way to have depth data shown at the port helm to install an i50 depth instrument and connect it to the MFD via Seatalkng?

I also desire speed data and am considering purchasing a depth pack E70147 with i50 display and P120 speed transducer. The P120 speed transducer would plug into the i50 speed display. If I were to do this and connect the i50 speed display to the MFD via Seatalkng I assume that the speed data would be available for display on the MFD. Is this correct?

Can you make any recommendations on how I might better engineer this initial depth, speed and navigation system?

thanks ALAN
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05-04-16, 09:37 AM
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RE: 42' sailing cat new system
You are correct with your existing thoughts, if you have a sonar transducer connect to the eS97, and you connect a i50 Depth display via a Seatalk NG backbone, the i50 Depth instrument can be set to Repeater and show the depth being displayed on the eS97. You are also correct that if you connect a i50 Speed with speed transducer, to the Seatalk NG backbone you will be able to display to the speed data on the eS97.
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