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[CA11] AIS650 direct interface
03-01-19, 12:07 PM
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RE: [CA11] AIS650 direct interface
Pugwash North,

Q1. I have checked my AIS antenna specs which are; 0db ΒΌ wave type. Will this antenna work OK with your unit?
A1. Yes. However, its range will be limited to somewhat less than a normal AIS antenna which is usually 3dBi and has a range of 20-25 miles.

Q2. Answer 4 above was very interesting & thought provoking. I know the ES98 has 10Hz GPS & the E125 has 5Hz GPS internal receivers. I have never "interfaced" before. Could you please explain what can be achieved by this?
A2. As indicated within my previous response, the MFDs to share all system resources (ex. cartography, radar, fishfinder, SiriusXM satellite weather / radio, etc.), data (waypoints/routes/track, GPS data, navigational data, instrument data, navigational data, system state, alarms, etc.), and autopilot access / control.

Q3a. What functions/screen views would I be able to achieve? eg; sounder on both, GPS mapping on both,
A2a. Yes ... see the response to Q2.

Q3b. which GPS receiver would take preference,
A3b. For systems featuring more than one source of GPS, depth, wind, speed, date/time, etc., the Data Sources feature of the system's Data Master MFD (one of the MFDs would be designated as the system's Data Master MFD) would be used to specify which source of data will be used by the system for any type of data which has more than one source within the system. In this case, if would be recommended that the eS98 MFD be chosen as the system's data source for GPS, Date / Time, and GPS Datum.

A3c. I suppose what I am asking is could I get the 10Hz GPS on the E125 and AIS overlay on both screens?
A3c. Yes and yes.
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