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[LW11] S3 Autopilot with ST70 Pilot controlle
06-11-19, 06:54 AM (This post was last modified: 06-12-19 07:03 AM by Louise - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[LW11] S3 Autopilot with ST70 Pilot controlle
I’ve got an S3 Pilotcomputer that was connected to a ST6002 Pilot Controller. Unfortunately the ST6002 took water over Winter (it’s 14 years old) and dosen’t work anymore. I had a contact to Raymarine afterssales that a ST70 pilot control could also be connected. I found a new device on eBay and tried to connect it. I have an IC5 because I had I70 displays mounted an R52131 converter. I tried first to connect th ST70 on the IC5. It started up and then said it couldn’t,find the auto pilot. I then tried to connect it to the seatalk on a E25049 connector. Since then when I connect it it show’s the ST70 logo and then the display goes blank. What I’m trying find out, is if the ST70 controller has a problem or if my wiring is wrong. How can the ST70 be tested?
Hand drawn shema attached
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06-12-19, 08:06 AM
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RE: [LW11] S3 Autopilot with ST70 Pilot controlle
Dear Lumumba,

Thank you for your post.

Can you confirm the purpose of the green connection between the seatalk1 to STng convertor and the R55006? Is this to power the STng backbone?

The ST1 to STng adaptor cable has a 12v supply from the Seatalk 1 network unless it has been modified to carry data only - can you confirm if this has been modified?

The ST70 can be connected to any of the white STng ports on the STng network including the STng converter and the ITC-5. If you have not got a spare port you can buy a ST1 to STng adaptor cable (A06047) and use this to connect the ST70 to the ST1 network - the ST70 fully supports ST1 data.

You can send the ST70 for testing, software update and repair to us at Raymarine, you can book this in online here.

Many Thanks
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